Technically Speaking

Starting next week Monday, I will temporarily cease use of MovableType as the software that runs this blog. Starting on that day, I will switch to WordPress. How long this will be may be measured in months, but the intent is to eventually switch back and use static pages.

I make this change with the understanding that this will probably break Google searches to this site (Whenever I switch back. But then, I broke searches when I switched from static to dynamic pages.). However, using MT on my present web host has become painfully slow or completely unusable. Hence, I do not have much of a choice.

For those of you who come here through, you don’t need to do anything as that page will automatically direct your browser to the correct location. For everyone one else, the new location is In fact, if you want to, you can go there now. Just don’t bookmark it because when I switch back to MT, it will no longer work.

Although all my posts in MT will still be accessible at, no new updates will be made until I can get static pages running again. Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.



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