F-22s Flounder While Flying Due to Faulty Computer Code

Recently, six of the most advanced fighter aircraft the US has, the F-22 Raptor, were on their way to Japan from Hickam Air Force Base here in Hawaii. All was going well until, while crossing the International Date Line, several all critical computer systems suddenly went off line. Pilots frantically tried to reboot and bring the systems, such as communications, fuel delivery, and navigation back up. To no avail. So, here they were, flying blind with less computer power than a single engine Cessna has. Fortunately, the weather was fine, they were not in combat, the refueling tankers were near by, and they were able to act as pathfinders for the crippled F-22s. All returned safely to Hawaii where it was diagnosed that a couple of computer code lines crashed the entire system.

The code was fixed and the aircraft were back on its way in 48-hours. Still, it shows how dependent we’ve become on computers…[follow this link for the full story].


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