WordPress Write Post Problem

I use a HTML editor called Nvu to create my posts. It may not be the best HTML editor that runs in Linux, but it gets the job done and, for the most part (except for inserting needless   commands all over the place), it doesn’t get in my way.

When I’m done writing a post, I then copy and paste it into WordPress. If WordPress worked liked MovableType, all I would then need to do is publish the post. But it isn’t MT. For some reason, WP continually inserts <br> tags all over the place, including within other tags. Of course, the tags within tags breaks the original tag so that is a critical bug but the others are just as frustrating. Especially when I write a longer post and I have to go back and re-edit it in WP to get rid of all the inserted <br> tags. Yes, I know, you are supposed to
signal a paragraph break by hitting the return key twice. But this assumes I am using their editor to create the post. Why can’t WP just leave my HTML alone?

I also had problems when I wrote the post about Xandros XN unable to parse problem. In that post, I have alternating sections of regular and italics text. For some reason, WP would force all the text to italics. I tried making all kinds of changes to fix this but WP kept overriding my HTML with its own. Said crufty HTML looked like line after line of repeating empty <em> </em> tags.This, even though I checked my original code against the W3C validator which confirmed my code was XHTML 1.0 strict compliant. Unfortunately, it took me two hours of going back and forth while I repeatedly deleted all these empty tags, which would be re-inserted every time I saved my work.

Compare this with MT where I just copied, pasted, and published.

So, there must be a way of turning off all WP formatting features. I’ve already turned off, in /Options /Writing, the “Users should use the visual rich editor by default” and “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” (this second option was the only way I could get the italics problem to go away. And yes, my HTML still validates without the help of WP). Is there something else I need to turn off so I can just get WP to publish my HTML without changing any of it?



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