Book’em, If You Can

5-0.jpgFrom the iconic opening sequence, including a huge breaking wave, to the famous last words that the bad guys always hear – “Book’em Danno, murder one”, the TV police drama Hawaii 5-0 had a good run. It is said that 5-0 was one of the longer running programs of its type. The 284 episodes (284 episodes!) ran from September 26, 1968 to April 26, 1980. Think of the range of history that occurred during that time. The Viet Nam War. The landing on the moon. Apple Computers.

Recently, Paramount finally released the entire first season on DVD (get it here from Amazon). It is interesting to note that either Amazon under estimated the interest in this set or Paramount did. Why? Because when I ordered my copy last week, Amazon said it usually shipped it in five to six days. This morning, the wait is now one to three weeks. Locally, one radio station reported that all stocks had been sold out and not a single copy is available anywhere in the islands. I don’t know if that is true, but if so, there is still a lot of interest in the old series.

Be there, Aloha


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