LinuxMCE 1.0 Released

The penguinistas are all aflutter over the release of LinuxMCE 1.0. The new “open source add-on” to Ubuntu is described as a platform on which applications such as MythTV, Xine, and Asterisk run, all wrapped in a 10-foot GUI.

As with many things, you must check to see that your hardware is supported before you take the leap into the cold waters of a Linux-based MCE (see this MythTV page for some cautions). But as of this writing, a lot of people seem to be making that leap because the site is being overwhelmed by the download demand. So, you may wish to wait awhile. In fact, you may wish to wait until version 1.1 comes out. Or not. Your choice. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.

Below is a listing of the features:

Media & Entertainment
• 3D alpha-blended GUI optimized for displaying on a TV and using a remote control
• Media browser presenting all content on all devices in the home on a 3D rotating cube
• Plug-and-play detection and aggregation of network storage and DMA’s
• Built-in NAS providing centralized backup and whole-house media server
• “Follow Me” Media, each family member’s media follows him/her through the house
• Automatically controls all existing av devices, like TV’s, Stereo’s, etc.)
• Many control options: mobile phone, webpad, pda, phone

Smart Home
• Home Automation: Control lighting, climate, security, camera surveillance, and more
• Communication: Phone system with auto-attendant, voice mail, call forwarding/routing for VOIP and POTS lines
• Security: Uses your existing home alarm, surveillance cameras, lights, phones and tv’s to notify you on your mobile phone of any security alerts with the option of reseting the alarm or broadcasting your voice in the house over the tv’s


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