Should/Will Apple Add a Radio to the nano?

Yesterday, I happened to see an accessory for the iPod nano that added a radio tuner to the bottom of Apple’s popular digital device. The tuner probably isn’t the only type of its kind but, coincidentally, I read a post today that said the number one feature that customers currently want in their iPods is…now…wait…for…it – a radio.

I could go for one of those. But will Apple actually build one? Before I answer that, yes, I know, Apple makes an add-on
called the iPod Radio Remote (selling for $49) that adds FM reception to the nano. But. It’s an add-on. The question is will Apple build one in?

Obviously, I don’t know. It seems to me that Apple uses its iPods as a way of getting you to buy your music through its own iTunes service (yes, I know, you can rip your own music from CDs or import what you have already). So why would it include something that might detract from that (i.e., why pay for something that you can get for free)?

Well, what if Apple saw built-in radio as a way of getting people to sample new music for free, whereupon they might go to iTunes to buy a copy for themselves. I mean, people can download illegal pirated music for free now, but that hasn’t kept Apple from selling millions of downloads via iTunes.

I guess we’ll just have to see. But then, many people never thought one of the major music companies would ever sell their music without DRM.



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