We’ll Find Out in the Long Run

Okay, to recap yesterday’s problem. It seems at least two people have had problems with not being able to use the “back” button on their browser to get back to the Daynotes.com or Daynotes.net sites (assuming here that is how you get to my page and I recommend that this is the way to do so).

How I’m trying to solve this problem is to increase the time that my redirector page (current.html) is displayed before it automatically switches you over to the dkseto.wordpress.com site. This way, when you use the back button on your browser and end up at current.html, you will have three seconds to hit the back button again rather than getting automatically sent forward to dkseto,wordpress.com.

The downside is that everyone who comes from the Daynotes sites will now have to wait three seconds at the re-director page or quickly click on the link to this page.

For those who are having problems, let me know if this solves it. For those who are not having this problem, let me know if the three second wait is intolerable.

Thank you to everyone for your patience while I try to sort this out.


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