CD Sales Up Almost Eight Percent

There is an old saying in the music industry that singles sell albums. But even in this age of digital downloads, I wonder if it still isn’t true (nothwithstanding the RIAA trying its best to kill digital downloads of what is essentially a single, and therefore perhaps bring about the very decline it says they are trying to fight).

Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that local CD unit sales up almost eight percent over last year (although revenue is down by about five percent due to price competition and the decline of CD singles). Although it appears the digital single has replaced the physical one, people still seem to be buying full album CDs.

In my experience, this is also how it seems to work. You hear a song on the radio (for free, as in speech) and maybe decide to go to iTunes and buy it. But then you decide you would like to hear other songs by the artist but realize it would take a long time to download the entire album and would cost just as much as going to the store and buying the full CD. So, as likely as not, the next time you are at your favorite store, whether the store specializes in music or not, you buy the CD.

It seems to me that in this scenario, everyone wins. Radio stations that play new good music get listened to (thus making their advertising sponsors happy). Digital download services are happy because people buy the music they heard on the radio from them. Stores that sell CDs are happy because customers who like one song from an album may like the others. And customers are happy because they get to choose what’s best for them. To me, it seems the only folks who aren’t happy are the RIAA.

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One response to “CD Sales Up Almost Eight Percent

  1. Of course the RIAA isn’t happy. You mention “Revewnue is down” and you know they only hear bad news (just like you have a filter to block spam they have a filter to block positive news cause it’s useless)

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