The Rules of Business

We live in a world where it seems the rate of change doubles every two seconds. In such a fast paced environment, those that do not change with the times are quickly left behind.

This site has 10 common sense rules for your business web site. I especially liked the one that says:

WHAT DO YOU DO? Your mission and vision are lovely sentiments, but I want to know what you do. Can I use your services? Do you sell to my business or are you wholesale only? How do I find out what products you sell and what they cost? If your site says, “Call for pricing,” I’m not calling because someone else displays the price online. Is there a single statement that says what you do or sell smack in the middle of your homepage?

It’s all about using my time. My time is valuable to me. I don’t have a lot of time to waste. Yet, so many sites I come across
don’t have the details I need to make a decision whether to buy from them or not. I give most sites less than 30 to 60 seconds. If I can’t find what I need within that time, I’m on to the next site.

This one is relevant in light of my recent experience with Hawaiian Tel’s website and trying to get more information on its business class high speed Internet service. I should not need to call them for the details. The details should all be set out on a page for me to read. Otherwise, I’m just wasting my time. Did I mention that I *_really_* don’t like to waste my time?

Although things may be different in monopoly industries, where there is no next site, even that paradigm is changing. Phone companies are finding that people are deleting their land lines and switching to cell phones (where there is more choice in services). For now, the only reason to keep a land line is for high speed Internet or maybe a fax. But as high speed wireless comes to laptops and cell phones and email has all but overtaken fax, even that will disappear.

Yet, the telephone companies lumber on acting as if nothing changes or will ever change. Is it any wonder they are being left behind?

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone- Aloha


One response to “The Rules of Business

  1. We live in a two speed world.

    If you’re on line 30 seconds is to long. If you don’t get a clear answer to your needs within those 30 second you’re off elsewhere.

    But if you are in a real shop just saying “thank you, and have a nice day” takes almost the same 30seconds yet you expect it and smilingly spend that time.

    Crazy people we are ^_^

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