Direct Flights from London to Honolulu?

The AfternoonPaper is reporting that Virgin Airlines may start service from London to Honolulu. The direct flights are still in the exploratory stages but I wonder how many people will want to take such a long flight. How long it would take I don’t know but I would think it would be more than 10 to 15 hours (it’s five hours from San Francisco to Honolulu but I assume the flight path would take the polar route rather than flying transcontinental).

In any case, if Virgin actually starts the service, I will be the first to use the headline: Virgin Jumps into Volcano.



One response to “Direct Flights from London to Honolulu?

  1. It may even be longer than that. But the alternative is taking one -or two- stops and then it takes a lot longer. If you just have one week for holiday and you have to take a stop over you lose two days coming and two days going. Direct you lose one day coming and one day going. Add in a day of jet-lag difficulties (that doesn’t get worse).
    The difference is a holiday-stay of two days or a stay of four days. Easy choice.

    Of course if you suffer travel sickness or are prone to air-sickness it’s not for you. (Even thinking about it could get people sic.)

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