Dell Laptop Tingle Sensation Explained?

It seems some Dell laptop owners have noticed the recent switch from three-prong grounded electrical plugs to the double insulated two-prongers. According to this post, Dell is saying it switched about a year ago because “they [are] smaller, lighter and more convenient to carry—all things which are important to many notebook customers.”

How is it the customers noticed the change? Because when they touch metal parts of the laptop, they feel a current flow along the ground path as a tingling sensation. The article goes into the particulars on how this happens and why it is not a threat. It also says this will occur with any laptop that uses two prongs, not just a Dell.

I’m no electrical engineer so I will leave it to others to debate the question. But I have to say I have several power tools that
use the two-plug design and I have never noticed a problem. That said, I’m glad my old Dell laptop uses a three-pronged plug. YMMV. Insert Disclaimer here. 🙂



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