Firefox Still Non-Compliant to CSS2 Font Embedding

I’m no browser developer so far be it for me to tell those who are what to do. But I am a full-time Firefox user and part-time web developer. I have supported Firefox from the beginning, including paying money to be part of the two page ad published in the New York Times in 2004, So, unlike most people (not that it matters), I’ve put my money where my mouth is.

That said, I have to ask why support for CSS2 font embedding has not yet been implemented. I mean, the bug was opened in 2001! For those without a handy calculator, that’s six years ago. In Internet years, that’s decades. Yet, font embedding is still not implemented and still being debated. Sigh.

It is far past time that Firefox supported CSS2 font embedding. The alternative is to drive people to Internet Explorer as the more standards compliant browser, at least in this instance. Big Sigh.



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