Honda Hydrogen Powered NextGen Car – FCX Concept


I don’t know if hydrogen will replace gasoline but, I guess, Honda must think so. According to a report from the Detroit News, Honda will be releasing its second generation FCX Concept car as a 2008 model. It is said to have a range of 270 miles and a top speed of about 100mph.

However, I don’t know of too many gas stations selling hydrogen, at least not around here. So, that 270 miles better include a place to fill up. And if you thought it was dangerous to rear end a Chevy Corvair, think about what will happen to compressed hydrogen when it is violently released in a collision.

Oh, and the price? Well the article says it costs Honda $1.5 million USD per car. However, it is leasing the current model at the low, low fire sale price of $500 per month (It is expected that the 2008 will be priced higher. In comparison, you could lease a BMW Z4 for less.).

That said, we do need to transition to something else. Whether that something else is hydrogen, at least in the near term, is not clear.



One response to “Honda Hydrogen Powered NextGen Car – FCX Concept

  1. Compressed Hydrogen is not at all more dangeroud than normal fuel or LPG.
    If a tank cracks or gets punctured the gas will disipate very fast, It won’t form a dangrous ignitable pool nor soak into clothes of victims trapped in the cars.

    I don’t think however that hydrogen is a good solution for transport. It costs to much for storage and transportation. And producing it locally as mentioned, from other sources just adds an extra energy loosing intermediate step.
    It’s a bit like the rage today to produce bio-diesel (very popular here in Europe) It’s “green” because it’s produced from renewable sources (no net CO2 production). But no one mentions that it is far less costeffective to produce than regular fuel and that, to produce enough to completely replece fosil fuels in Europe close to or over 200% of the available land needs to be planted with high yeald “oil crops”. Oops.
    To many people take “posibilities to study” for “available solutions”.

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