MS Vista Numbers Inflated?

Microsoft has made it sure that everyone knows that Vista is shipping on a lot of systems. But once those systems are
received, how many are upgraded by installing Windows 2000 or XP Pro over Vista?

I have a friend who works for another department and the answer to that question is 150, so far. That is, they have
ordered/received 150 new computers all of which have Vista installed. However, all have since been upgraded (or will soon be upgraded) by installing Windows 2000 or XP Pro.

Multiply that by the thousands of sites doing the same thing and you could get some pretty substantial numbers.

Indeed, I think Microsoft could figure out about how many times this is happening by determining the number of Vista systems shipped versus the number that have been activated within say, a 30-day period. Subtract one from the other and you would get a pretty close estimate of how many people have upgraded away from Vista (It would only be an estimate because not everyone would immediately setup and activate their systems as soon as they get it. In fact, in some large departments, it could be several months before the systems are distributed and then activated).

But I wonder if MS hasn’t already run the numbers but don’t want people to know. I would imagine that if even five or ten
percent of the systems are thus upgraded that the rosy picture would substantially change. Just wondering. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.


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