Whither the Paper Boy?

It wasn’t that long ago that being a paper boy was a honest way of earning the money for that new bike. Although getting up early in the morning to get the papers ready for delivery must have been a pain, there didn’t seem to be a shortage of kids willing to do it.

But, it seems, as other types of work started becoming available and higher pay (and probably better working conditions) became more common, it seems that fewer and fewer kids were willing to do this type of work.

It is now at a point that I don’t even see kids delivering the morning paper anymore. Our own paper is delivered by what appears to be a newspaper employee/manager in one of its vans. What’s worst is that it is being delivered later and later. Sometimes, so late that I’ve already left for work before it comes.

I’m not sure if this situation is focused only on the morning paper because our afternoon paper is still delivered by a teenager or whether this a growing trend. But for now, it’s only the morning paper that seems to have abandoned the kids (or vice versus).



One response to “Whither the Paper Boy?

  1. Newspaper-delivery here is not done by kids, it’s handled by the mail service.
    Delivery is too late for me anyway. I normally leave at 06:45.
    I do get the paper in the newspaper-shop (just round the corner) and often they have just arrived there, still unpacked.
    So I don’t have a subscription but I see and support the newpaper-shop.

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