Crucial Memory Failure

Although sticking to mainstream, name-brand computer memory chips is probably the best policy, that is not the same thing as saying you won’t ever have a RAM chip fail.

Last week, after a month or two of what seemed to be random program failures and reboots, I decided to run a memory test on the two sticks of Crucial RAM installed in my old Pentium III 933MHz PC. Much to my surprise, the test found multiple memory errors.

Replacing the chips with new ones solved the problems (although why is PC133 memory as expensive, if not more so, that more modern configurations?).

Having done that, I’m now thinking of replacing the PC with something newer. Although I could get a laptop, I’m leaning more towards a desktop machine because I hate the keyboards on all laptops I’ve every tried (Apple, Dell, IBM, Sony, and Toshiba). But who knows? In any case, I probably won’t get anything soon because I have other priorities.



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