Dolphin Kick Used in Bodysurfing

Yesterday’s MorningPaper had an interesting story on a bodysurfer who uses a swimming technique called the dolphin kick. Apparently, the technique provides two benefits: he gets a better cardiovascular workout (which is why he took up bodysurfing) and the thrust generated allows him to catch waves he would not otherwise be able to surf.

The man learned the technique in the 1990s while swimming competitively in the 200-meter butterfly. Part of this stroke is the use of the dolphin kick. What really amazes me is that he uses the dolphin kick while totally submerged. So when he sees a wave building, he submerges and begins the kick. He builds so much speed underwater that he rockets through the face of the wave, thus allowing him to catch the wave as it breaks.

Check out the picture of him breaking the surface of the water with half his body in the air. Amazing.



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