Dr. Keyboard Posts! Film at 11:00

The good Doctor Keyboard, er Chef Keyboard? posted yesterday. His frequency of posting, or lack thereof, is rivaled only by my poor performance. 🙂

Still, he likes his new MacBook Pro laptop (17-inch model) and feels it is worth the higher cost versus, for his example, a Dell Inspiron. Although I agree the MacBook Pro is a better than an Inspiron, one must remember, as he points out, that each is targeted at a different price point. In my opinion, I think if you were to compare the Dell XPS line, perhaps things might even out a bit more. Still, to each his own. Disclaimer: If I had the money, I might also get a MacBook Pro, and still may. Someday (see below).

As for me, I’m waiting for what gifts the Real Steve Jobs has for his serfs customers this morning. I’m looking for a sub-four pound laptop that is capable enough to do real work (e.g., transcoding video, working with databases with hundreds of
thousands of records, etc.). Perhaps, today is the day (crosses fingers, toes, and assorted other body parts)?



One response to “Dr. Keyboard Posts! Film at 11:00

  1. He is posting way more than I am …

    He is pretty right about the Macbook, it is about the same price-class as a PC (if you are comparing similar specs and quality) which is a bit uncommon for Apple stuff.
    And when comparing specs and quality … if you take the OS into account as well, its better.

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