Facebook Friends

I’m not sure what all the noise is about social networking. Perhaps, because I’m not sure what utility it has. Still, all the talk by Robert Scoble about Facebook led me to sign-up.

Having done so, I’m still not sure what’s there, there. Oh sure, uber geeks like Mr. Scoble circulate in interesting circles and have thousands of friends, but I am having trouble finding any of my friends/classmates/relatives there.

Maybe it’s an age thing. What me being closer to retirement than graduation… 😉

But if you are a reader of my site and are on Facebook, let me know what you use Facebook for.



One response to “Facebook Friends

  1. Facebook is basically for people leaving school to stay in contact with their old school friends.

    Maybe for us old pre-retiremnet gaffers a new meeting site must be made. What about the Wrinkle-book?

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