Watching, But Not Waiting: Hurricane Flossie

A hurricane coming in your general direction tends to focus ones attention. Hurricane Flossie is keeping our office busy as it makes it closest approach to the Big Island this afternoon.

Flossie is a very destructive storm, regardless of its present category (hurricanes are divided into one through five and this one has gone from one to four and back down to three so who knows what it will be when it finally gets here). Even if the winds don’t knock your house down, the rain/flooding could.

Although we are hoping for the best, we are asking our employees to plan for the worst and be prepared. For example, if they are at work and have the time before you leave:

1) Shut down equipment and unplug all electrical devices.
2) Cover all equipment, furniture and file cabinets to prevent water/rain damage.
3) Secure office and evacuate when advised by supervisor/administrator/civil defense.
4) Listen to media for “all clear” announcements and/or governor’s message.

YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



One response to “Watching, But Not Waiting: Hurricane Flossie

  1. No mention of making backups?

    BTW, if you shut down and unplug all electrical equipment … how are you going to get the all-clear messages?

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