DRM Single Points of Failure

Ars Technica has an article about Microsoft’s anti-piracy system failing this past weekend. The article is unclear as to the extent this affected MS’s customers. How many customers could not activate, install, or re-install their legitimately purchased software? Compare that to how many people in China illegally installed the same software, without problems.

Then there’s the on again off again, yes it is not it isn’t another Sony rootkit/DRM brouhaha.

When will companies stop treating its customers like pirates while leaving the door wide open for real pirates?



One response to “DRM Single Points of Failure

  1. I don’t think that DRM are made to treat customers like pirates. DRM are not perfect, that’s for sure, but the idea of leaving the content free of use is not what you would prefer for a properly regulated society (if you believe in regulation!). Even if customers buy their content legally, you don’t know what they are going to do after that.
    I just like the concept of DRM, not the applications at the moment. Because if we don’t use them, how do you protect creation?
    I like the idea developped by 9thX, which goes further than iTunes: you buy the rights to use a content and then you can sell these rights to somebody else. etc…All this is regulated by DRM, which enable to respect copyrights and respect the creator of the content. All about respect!:)

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