Apple Cuts iPhone Price by $200: Are iPhone Sales in Trouble?

If not, why lower the price today by about 1/3, after being on the market only since June 29th? It seems to me that there are two possible reasons.

What could be driving this other than lower than projected sales? Apple is loathe to lower prices – at least by this much. It would much rather “refresh” the line by including, for example, more storage, larger screens, different colors, etc. To cut the price by this much is significant, if not precedent setting.

But if sales are not the problem, then I wonder if Apple is planning a more expensive iPhone for the $599 price point. Maybe a true 3G? Maybe one with a usable keyboard? I dunno but I’m sure Cupertino will figure something out and it will probably do it sooner (maybe for the holiday season) rather than later. 😉

In any case, I can’t think of any other reasons for cutting the price so drastically. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.

By the way, what’s with Apple’s insistence on pricing colors higher? For example, the nano goes for $149 in silver (only) and $199 if you want various colors (and more storage). Although I was hoping for a new nano, I’m not sure I want to get the new “fatty.” I guess I’ll have to go to the Apple store this weekend and see what it looks like in person. But I may have to stay with my first generation nano for awhile longer…



One response to “Apple Cuts iPhone Price by $200: Are iPhone Sales in Trouble?

  1. I think they have a problem. They have -had- two versions with a relative low price difference. If every one asks for the top version they probably are sitting on an over-stock of the base moddel.

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