Am I Crazy for Buying an iPhone?

I’m probably going to regret this. But I ordered an Apple iPhone yesterday. No, it is the 4Gb version (the one that is being phased out), not the 8Gb…

But when I compared the Motorola RAZR2 V9 that I was set to purchase ($299, a two-year commitment, and an awful “Mahogany” color) versus the iPhone for $299 and a two-year commitment, it was pretty much a no brainer [as in he has no brains – ed.].

Why would I regret getting the hottest phone that debuted just a few months ago (on June 29th)? Well, Apple would not be phasing it out unless it had a replacement ready in the wings. Said replacement will probably do all kinds of wondrous things. None of which the current iPhone will be able to perform.

The other reason is that AT&T requires not only a voice plan but also a data plan (or a combination of the two). Since I’m already with AT&T and already have a voice plan, I will need to add a data plan (note: I may also have to get another voice plan, but that remains to be seen when I actually activate the phone). Said data plan will cost me an additional $20 per month.

Still, I hope I will be able to replace my aging Palm V22 and Apple iPod nano with this one device. Time will tell if it does everything these two devices did.

As an aside, I tried buying the phone at our neighborhood AT&T store but when I got there last night, they told me they had just sold the last one they had. So I called the Apple Store in Kahala Mall and, now wait for it, they told me they had just sold their last one. So I went on-line and ordered one from the Apple store. It should get here on Friday.



One response to “Am I Crazy for Buying an iPhone?

  1. of course you are crazy … ^_^

    But not because you get an iPhone. If it has the features you want and need and it’s competitive enough there is no reason not to get one.

    I won’t be buying one.
    I wait till Apple comes out with an iWatch.
    I do have a -cheap- MP3-watch. It’s big and heavy for a watch but it has an MP3 player included and it works well enough, Just 1Gb of memory and the batery drains in about four hours (but it has a USB cable built in so you can recharge easily) and no phone. But hey, it was cheap -30€- and it has a build in recorder for spying ^_^

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