How-to Export Palm Z22 Contacts and Calendar to an Apple iPhone

This is part one of a two-part post. It didn’t start out that way, but due to problems that have arisen, it became such. A wise man once said, with Apple software, things are either trivial or impossible. Right now, it’s the later.

Now that I have my new iPhone, I need to get my data from my Palm Z22 to the iPhone. But first, a word about my configuration. Everything I will describe assumes using Microsoft XP Pro. If you use GNU/Linux or Apple OS X, this won’t work for you. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.

That said, there are several ways of doing this but, as far as I know, no direct way of going from the Z22 to the iPhone. All methods that I know of require first converting to something that Microsoft Outlook can use then going to the iPhone. Perhaps there is a way of doing it directly and if you are aware of an example (that does not involve paying money for software), feel free to leave a comment.

So, you can export your contacts from Palm Desktop to Outlook by saving them as vCards. The problem with this is you must save each contact as an individual card. That is, I don’t know of a way of saving all the contacts as vCards all at once. Hence, if you have a lot of contacts, or an aversion to following very tedious routines, this is not the way to go.

One way of saving all contacts to a single file is to export them as either a comma or tab delimited file. Although this solves the problem above, it creates to two others – one perhaps minor and the other another tedious exercise. The minor problem is that you will probably lose any pictures that are associated with a contact. The tedious part is that when you import the file into Outlook, you must first map the fields to matching fields in Outlook. If you don’t map the fields correctly, either incorrect information will transfer over or none at all.

Theoretically, if all your contacts use the same fields, and no others, you can do the mapping for one contact and all others will automatically follow. The problem occurs when you have, for example, both business and personal contacts so, in some contacts you are using business fields and home information fields for the others. As I said, if each contact does not have data in the exact same fields for every single contact, you have to find examples of each type of contact that doesn’t meet the criteria and map those specific fields. This is the incredibly tedious part of using this method.

The third method, which is the way I decided to follow, is to install the Palm to Outlook “conduit” and then sync Outlook to the Z22. Once installed and synced, this will automagically transfer your contacts and calendar to Outlook.

The conduit software is found on the install CD that came with your Z22. From what I understand, this is the only place to get the software because Palm does not allow nor offer downloading it from its site.

In any case, insert the CD, wait for it to autorun (assuming you have autorun enabled), and choose the option to switch between Palm Desktop and Outlook. In this case you will be using Outlook.

Once the software is installed, connect your Z22 to your PC and sync as usual. Only, this time, the Z22 will transfer everything to Outlook. Once done, you may wish to revert back to using Palm Desktop (run the install CD again). But if you won’t be using your Z22, it doesn’t really matter as you will probably be uninstalling Palm Desktop anyway.

Now comes the impossible part. The manual, which you have to down load because Apple doesn’t include one in the box, says iTunes can sync with Outlook or Outlook Express. Unfortunately, my experience is that it won’t do so with either. I don’t know why but iTunes just doesn’t seem to find the Windows Address Book (where the contacts are stored) or the Outlook Calendar. And since Apple does not provide a way of importing a file, exporting the data from Outlook is useless.

So, unless I can find something that gets iTunes to do what the manual says it can do, I’m stuck. I mean, I can manually enter all of my contacts and appointments. But if you saw how many those add up to, you would understand my reluctance to do so – especially with the iPhone’s lack of a keyboard.


UPDATE from Carl

Thanks for your prompt reply to my request for help. After receiving your e-mail, I contacted Palm Support and found out that my problem with transferring data, contacts and calendar, was that my Z22 did not have the latest Palm software update and therefore was not compatible with Outlook 2007. Once we got the update downloaded, the synching was a snap and then when the iPhone was connected to my laptop it synched automatically with Outlook 2007. I no doubt will quit using my Palm, Z22 and laptop, but for awhile I will continue both just to be safe. Anyhow, with Outlook 2007 always updated, it is no problem to synch back to Palm.

Thanks again for your prompt reply. Hope my notes above may be of help to some other poor soul who comes to you for help!


One response to “How-to Export Palm Z22 Contacts and Calendar to an Apple iPhone

  1. Thank you for the information. In order to transfer my Palm data to my Smart phone I had to purchase a Palm Dixie With help I was able to get the Palm Zire data to the Palm Dixie. Since I did not like the Palm Dixie, I had to buy an iPhone and ATT was able to transfer the data in my Palm Dixie to my iPhone. I kept using the Palm Zire 22 because of my lack of familiarity of the iPhone. Now that I learned how to use the iPhone, I would like to transfer my NEW ADDITIONAL data on my Z22 to my iPhone without having my Palm Dixie anymore. IF THIS CAN BE DONE (VIA OUTLOOK, WHICH I HAVE), I WOULD NOT WANT THE “OLD” Z22 DATA AROUND 1.000 CONTACTS (WHICH I STILL HAVE ON THE Z22 AND ON MY iPHONE) DUPLICATED. I HOPE SOMEONE CAN UNDERSTAND THE CONVULATED PROCESS I HAD TO USE. I would greatly appreciate some help on this or tell me that it is absolutely impossible!. Thanks.

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