How-to Export Palm Z22 Contacts and Calendar to an Apple iPhone, Part 2

This is part 2 of a continuing saga of how to get contact and calendar data out of a Palm Z22 and into an Apple iPhone ( part 1 is here).

As a quick review, part 1 looked at getting the data out of the Palm and into Microsoft Outlook. I used Outlook because, supposedly, iTunes supported the syncing of information from Outlook (but not the Palm). I listed three ways to get the data and the positives and negatives of each way.

Today’s post will look at getting the data out of Outlook and into the iPhone via iTunes. As you may know, iTunes is the conduit (if I may use that word) of not only all your music, but also your calendar and contacts. Although monolithic applications have their strong and weak points, I’m not going to go into them for this post.

To start, since the iPhone manual says iTunes will sync with Outlook, I assumed this was true. Hence, I synched my Palm Z22 with Outlook 2000 to get the data there. This process worked without problems and full credit to Palm for making that possible. All my contacts and calendar appointments are now in Outlook 2000.

Here is where things fall apart. The problem was getting the contacts and calendar from Outlook to iTunes. For whatever reason, iTunes does not seem to recognize Outlook 2000 for addresses or calendars. No matter what settings I tried, it would just not download the data held there. If you have got it to work, I would appreciate knowing the step-by-step procedure you used.

What I did was export the contacts from the Palm Desktop software, one-by-one, as vCards. I then imported each vCard into Outlook Express. Note, I used Outlook Express because, as mentioned earlier, iTunes did not recognized Outlook’s contacts or calendar. Once the contacts were in Outlook Express, I then started iTunes, plugged in the iPhone, and synched iTunes which simultaneously transfered the contacts to the iPhone. This successfully completed the transfer of Palm Z22 contacts to the iPhone.

It was a different story in getting the calendar recognized. Outlook Express does not include a calendar so, as far as I know, I can’t use it. Hence, its either Outlook or nothing (since nothing else is supported on Windows).

In reading the Apple support document on contacts and calendars (the most popular support document, so I’m not the only one having problems), I found that my version of Outlook is not supported. Only the two most recent versions, i.e., 2003 and 2007 work. Sigh.

Not having a copy of either, I did what any self-respecting person would do — I downloaded a trial copy of Office Standard 2007! It took something like two hours from a very slow server but it eventually came down. After installing just Outlook 2007, and synching my Z22 with it, I fired up iTunes and lo, it transferred my calender events to my iPhone. I now have both contacts and calendars transferred and I can stop using my Z22.

Tomorrow I’ll give my impressions of the iPhone.


UPDATE from Carl

Thanks for your prompt reply to my request for help. After receiving your e-mail, I contacted Palm Support and found out that my problem with transferring data, contacts and calendar, was that my Z22 did not have the latest Palm software update and therefore was not compatible with Outlook 2007. Once we got the update downloaded, the synching was a snap and then when the iPhone was connected to my laptop it synched automatically with Outlook 2007. I no doubt will quit using my Palm, Z22 and laptop, but for awhile I will continue both just to be safe. Anyhow, with Outlook 2007 always updated, it is no problem to synch back to Palm.

Thanks again for your prompt reply. Hope my notes above may be of help to some other poor soul who comes to you for help!


3 responses to “How-to Export Palm Z22 Contacts and Calendar to an Apple iPhone, Part 2

  1. I wonder why you didn’t considder syncing via an Apple.
    It is, I believe not more troublesome to sync the Z22 with an Mac. And I suppose it’s a wee bit easier to sync the iPhone with a Mac.

  2. Sorry — how exactly did you sync Microsoft Outlook with the iPhone? Thanks.

  3. Hi,
    I have a new iPhone and also a Z 22 Palm and have been frustrated as hell trying to get stuff onto Outlook 2007 and into the iPhone. Can you please provide a few more details as to the steps I need to take in order to get from the Z22 handheld (or from my desktop Palm program) to import into Outlook 2007? Really appreciate your help.



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