iPhone Hits and Misses

Okay, so I wasn’t able to post this as early as I wanted. Everyone gets a full refund of all the money you’ve paid to me for this site. 😉

First, the good things about the iPhone:

  • Internet access is handy to have.
  • It replaces two other devices.
  • The camera is better than the one in my old Motorola Razr.
  • It has WiFi.

Now the things that need improving:

  • It needs voice dialing. This would make it easier to use in the car.
  • The keyboard is error prone because too many letters are packed into too small a space. Perhaps a Bluetooth keyboard would help.
  • Paying twice for ringtones. This is the most troubling to me. It foretells of a model in which customers pay multiple times for the same music, depending on the use. There is something called fair use. The music and movie companies hate fair use and continue to try to grind it to bits. Don’t let them.
  • Storage expansion (don’t hold your breath for this since Apple uses this lack to get more money from you). I mean, if you could buy the 4GB iPhone and then add memory cards, there wouldn’t be a market for the 8GB.
  • It’s relatively heavy.
  • The battery is not user removable.
  • No file manager.



2 responses to “iPhone Hits and Misses

  1. ” full refund of all the money you’ve paid.” I payed double so I get double refund … Oh thanks. 🙂

    I didn’t know they made phones without voice dialing.
    I would put the being heavy thing on the positive side. to many devices are made so small and light these days that you don’t feel whether you are crying it or left it behind.

  2. ” full refund of all the money you’ve paid.”

    Gee, thanks! That’s more than generous! I must have paid at least hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, for one thing and another, totalled over the years. I’ll get my legal weasels to contact you about your payments.

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