Power to the People

As one ages, it seems there are more and more funerals to go to. Lastweek, I attended the funeral of a relative of my mine. On the back of the funeral program that was handed out were some principles of something called Huna.

Whether Huna is something worth following I will leave to you but I thought it interesting:

  • The world is what you think it is.
  • There are no limits.
  • Energy flows where the attention goes.
  • Now is the moment of power.
  • To be with joy, to love.
  • Power is directed energy.
  • Effectiveness is the measure of truth.



One response to “Power to the People

  1. It is good to follow. But you should never use these rules as a religion.

    It’s a bit like smiling.
    I always say the a smile is the best medicin for everything.
    But I don’t mean you can use a smile in stead of penecillin.

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