Plastic Sand Rolls In

Sand, miles and miles of sand. Plastic sand, that is. No, people haven’t started replacing natural sand beaches with artificial ones. At least, not on purpose. But as the plastic rubbish that ends up in the world’s oceans slowly break down into smaller bits, these bits start to pile up on beachs.

Although this is not a new phenomenon, a local TV station had a story on the problem this morning (sorry, no link to the story because the station doesn’t seem to have it listed). Although I have no idea how bad a world-wide problem this is, I’m not sure I like that beaches are being contaminated.


One response to “Plastic Sand Rolls In

  1. It will only become an issue when it’s proven to crop up in the human food supply.
    Up to then it will be just some news when there is nothing else to report about.

    You think it already is infiltrating our food?
    Of course it is. But it hasn’t been proven yet and no one in industry (or gov) is going to fund researcxh into it if it isn’t forced to.

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