Chinese Sub Surfaces Amidst US Carrier Group

I have long warned that the US imperils itself by ignoring or downplaying the growing threats in Asia. Here is yet another
in which, apparently, the US was caught off guard.

It seems a Chinese diesel powered submarine navigated, undetected, close enough to a US aircraft carrier battle group to have launched torpedoes or missiles to sink said aircraft carrier. It reportedly surfaced within the midst of the perimeter protected by the carrier’s escort ships and submarines.

Obviously, by surfacing, the Chinese were sending a message to the world that they can operate, at will, under the very noses of supposedly the most sophisticated anti-submarine gear in the world.

If the report is true, either the US anti-submarine forces were asleep or the detection processes they use are no longer effective against Chinese subs. Either way, something is seriously wrong and needs to be corrected. Now.



2 responses to “Chinese Sub Surfaces Amidst US Carrier Group

  1. Yep.
    Do you smell a new round of budget-rearangements comming up as well?

    But why do you say something is wrong and needs to be corrected?
    Basicaly nothing has realy changed in the last couple of years. Except that the Chinese have become less militaristic.

  2. Certainly, someone screwed up. However, don’t think of a diesel/electric sub as being obsolete. One advantage of the d/e boats is that when running submerged on their electric motors they are very, very quiet.

    It;s possible that the Chicom sub moved into position, then waited for the US task force to move over it, then surfaced.

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