Flock, The Browser

There have been long and continuing complaints about Firefox and what is described as “memory leaks.” Firefox developers have said Firefox does not have any. Or, at least, if there are any they aren’t show stopping problems.

Whether Firefox does or does not have memory leaks, I don’t know. But TechCrunch has an article on one of the many Firefox-based clones. The browser is called Flock, now at version 1.0.1 and it seems to use much less memory. It also has some features that social network folks might find helpful (see the Flock home page). But I decided to try it just as a browser.

It’s too early to say whether Flock is better than Firefox, and that is dependent on how you define better, but it is definitely different. Whether that is a GoodThing is also open to debate.

Still, it’s something new and shiny to play with and in limited use, hasn’t caused me any problems. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



One response to “Flock, The Browser

  1. If Firefox has no memory leak then preople with Altzheimer have no memory loss.
    The fastest way to find out is to visit a pron site. (Anything with lots of picture, like Flickr, will do but with a porn site you find out fastest because, well … porn is good at revealing things, it opens up and shows the naked truth … OK, back to topic.) If you open a couple of pages and start hopping from picture to picture copying them to a local directory, you will notice a gradual slowdown. And it goes fast and almost linear, at about a tenth ofa second per immage. At first the immages load as fast as the drive or web can serve them but depending on the amount of mamory you have the subsecond loading hits the brakes. After a couple of hundred pictures waiting time reaches the minute scale.

    Nope, Firefox aint build for porn. ^_^
    (No, I don’t use it often, I use Opera which is much faster for … ^_^’ )

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