University of Hawaii 2007 Western Athletic Conference Football Champs!

The University of Hawaii football team won the Western Athletic Conference this past weekend. The undefeated Warrior team has one more game to play. If it wins this last game, they may be eligible to play a major “bowl” game. All of Hawaii is pulling for the team.

It seems Hawaii also has some athletic supporters on the mainland. Below are some quotes from a sports column in the Washington Post:

Otherworldly Colt Brennan completed 40 of 53 passes for 495 yards and five touchdowns on national TV — and by that, I mean ESPN2, not Versus — against very-ranked Boise State. He is the Player of Destiny, my friends. What else does he have to do to prove himself, navigate the length of the Mississippi
in a gondola?) Being undefeated is no guarantee of being in the national championship game; heck, it’s no guarantee of even earning a BCS berth.

And I don’t need a Dell or a Mac to tell me that the Hawaii Warriors — unbeaten and unbending — are the best team on the mainland, or wherever.



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