Apple Macbook Air Hit or Miss?

Size: If you are looking for something thin, this is the one. It might even be too thin but that remains to be seen.
Weight: Three pounds is more than light enough.
Screen: Thirteen inches is the sweet spot between size and weight. And it’s LED backlit.

CPU: I need something fast enough to run a video off of a DVD while at the same time providing access to presentation notes that go along with the video. Anything slower than 2.0GHz will likely pause the video.

Hard Drive: It’s a 4,200 RPM unit. This is way too slow and will probably cause additional pauses to video display. A minimum 5,400 is required and it would have been better yet to have a 7,200. Forget the SSD at $1,000.

USB Port: Only one USB port means having to add a more ports which means adding another accessory to the bag (see below)(And they gave Dell grief for having only two on the M1330).

No built-in optical disk drive. Yes, this makes it thinner, but this also means I need to pay another $100 and add the extra weight to the bag (see also above).

Weight: Yes, it’s three pounds. But that doesn’t include the weight of the accessories needed to do real work.

Much as I would like owning something so thin and light, I need it to do a job, not look pretty. In the end, I don’t think this laptop can do the job I need it to do so I guess I’ll order a Dell XPS M1330.

So, I just ordered the Dell. It includes a Intel Core 2 Duo running at 2.0GHz, 3GB of RAM, LED backlit screen, 160Gb 7,200 RPM hard drive, CD/DVD burner, wireless-N card, 3 year warranty, including accidental damage and LoJack theft protection, additional 65 watt spare adapter, biometric fingerprint reader, Bluetooth, case, and USB hub. The price? Including overnight shipping and tax, at $1,773 is $26 dollars less than the entry level MacBook Air price of $1,799.


Please follow this link for an update.


3 responses to “Apple Macbook Air Hit or Miss?

  1. Yes, it’s no powerhouse. And pricy.
    But just perfect as a protable, small, light and more than capable enough to do most jobs you want to do on the road. Now if that advertised 5h battery is not fake it is a winner.

    And, no, I am not going to buy it. I am waiting for the Asus EeePc ^_^


    Seems you made a shocking choice in laptops. Grin.


  3. Why would you think you couldn’t play a DVD and show a presentation at the same time, this laptop comes with a core 2 duo processor, which is enough to decode High Def video.

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