Hmmm, Minty

Having a long weekend to play with, I decided to dump Kubuntu and replace it with Linux Mint.

Although it is based on Ubuntu (as is Kubuntu), it runs Gnome rather than KDE. I’m not going to get into a debate as to whether KDE is better than Gnome. Suffice to say they are different and some will like one but not the other.

In the short time that I’ve been using it, I’ve run into a bug. Upon boot up, a debug screen is displayed. By searching on some of the terms displayed (pstk rstk) I found a link saying there is an incompatibility with something called gfxmenu. The workaround requires opening a terminal window and editing a configuration file named menu.lst:

sudo pico /boot/grub/menu.lst

Where sudo temporarily puts you in administrator mode so you can edit a file that you normally don’t have write access to and pico is my text editor (feel free to use whichever editor works best for you).

Scroll down through the file until you find the line referring to gfxmenu and comment out that line by typing the pound sign # at the beginning of the line. When done, save the file and exit from your editor and close the terminal window (i.e., type the word exit).

This seems to work, at least, the debug screen no longer displays but I’m not sure something else isn’t broken.

Speaking of broken, Firefox locked up on me and I had to do a hardware reset and nothing I tried would shut it down nor allow me to gracefully shutdown mint.

Otherwise, my first impression of mint is that it appears to run slower than Kubuntu. I’m not sure if that is an artifact of Gnome or whether something else. YMMV.

My next step is to try to get wireless access working. If you don’t see a post for awhile (like the rest of my life), it’s because it failed to work…



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