Dell XPS M1330 Replacement May Not Be the Same as My Original

I have tried to remain positive throughout my experience with Dell and the XPS M1330 that I ordered minutes after Steve Jobs finished announcing the Apple Air (see these links here, here, here, and here). Clearly, the Dell was a much more powerful system for a much lower price.

But no system is perfect so when the M1330 arrived and I immediately noticed that it rocked back and forth due, perhaps, to a warped frame, I was disappointed but still positive about Dell.

I mean, they came out the next day and changed the palm rest as an effort to fix the problem. Changing that piece didn’t fix it and had very little chance of doing so but, at least they tried and eventually agreed to replace the entire laptop.

But this morning, I got the confirmation email of the replacement laptop being in production with its details. Much to my horror, it appears that the replacement does not have the optional and more expensive LED backlit screen that I paid for, the optional software I paid for, nor the optional extended warranty I paid for.

My patience with Dell is now rapidly running out. I have sent a detailed email to Dell support listing the differences between the replacement system and the one I paid for. I have asked them to do whatever they need to do to match what I originally ordered.

If they do that, and if the replacement is not warped or otherwise defective, I will still be satisfied with the M1330. That said, I am not satisfied with Dell’s quality control both in manufacturing and customer support.

Hence, in the future, I may decide to buy elsewhere. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



Please follow this link for an update.


One response to “Dell XPS M1330 Replacement May Not Be the Same as My Original

  1. The DELL apparently doesn not come from Dell-ight but rather from dell-usion.

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