Dell Black Hole of Support

Last week Friday, I replied to the Dell email that indicated the replacement laptop was in production. I noted that the replacement did not appear to be the same as as what I have now and asked them to correct this.

As of this writing, I have not received a reply or acknowledgment of this email.

I have sent two other emails to Dell this morning. I have received a reply on one of them.

The reply said they will escalate the problem to the group responsible and will let me know what is the response.

I am very disappointed with the lack of quality control displayed both on the hardware side and now in the support side.

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable to expect a replacement laptop exactly like the one I have now. Yet, Dell support did not seem to be able to accomplish what I would think is a simple clerical task: just copy the details from the old system to the new. But clearly, this was not done. Sigh.

If this cannot be cleared up, I will try to cancel the replacement, return the defective laptop, and ask for a full refund. YMMV. Insert Disclaimer here.


Please follow this link for an update.


3 responses to “Dell Black Hole of Support

  1. Good luck.
    You fully feel where they cut to get the prices low.
    (Not that other brands are that much better …)

  2. The farmer in the Dell,
    The farmer in the Dell,
    Hey-ho, the dairie-oh,
    “We’re milking them”, says Dell.

    So – what else is new? Remember the wired-backwards motherboards and processors? If either blew out, you’d replace them with a standard component, and THAT would blow out the replacement and the other half of the original. Hah! Take that, accursed customer!

  3. ..p.p.p…power supplies, not processors. Wired-backwards motherboards and power supplies. Sorry.

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