Dell Support Sucks

You can read my multiple posts here, here, here, here, and here for all the details. This post will give a quick summary then give you an update on where things are at the moment.

Having waited until the long anticipated announcement regarding the Apple Air turned out to be inadequate for use as a primary laptop (and way too expensive for as a secondary one), I chose the Dell XPS M1330.

At first, I was happy and optimistic in anticipation of getting what I thought would be a great Dell laptop. But then it began to go wrong.

First, when the laptop arrived, it appeared to either have a warped frame or case. When I reported the problem to Dell, they scheduled the replacement of the palm rest. Said replacement did nothing to solve the problem. Even the technician that did the replacement acknowledged the failure and, I believe, called Dell directly to tell them that.

I then emailed Dell to let them know that the laptop was not fixed. Dell responded by saying they would replace the laptop. In due course, I got an email saying a new one was in production. However, when I checked to confirm the replacement was identical to my original one I found substantial differences, the major one being the wrong type of screen. I immediately notified Dell of the differences and told them they needed to stop the production and correct the problem. But I never got a reply.

I emailed another Dell represenative and this time got a reply saying he would elevate the problem to the group resopnsible for resolving my situation. As of this writing, I have not gotten a reply from this group or anyone else.

Now for the update. At about noon today, the replacement arrived. Yes, it was the one with the wrong screen and other discrepancies. I immediately sent an email notifying Dell of the arrival and that I would be calling to cancel my original order, would return both laptops, and would expect a full refund. As of this writing, I have not gotten a reply.

After I finish posting this, I will call Dell to execute the above.

I cannot imagine how any company can stay in business with such shoddy quality control. It has been one error after another with no one seemingly able to carryout the simplest of tasks without making critical mistakes.

I cannot imagine approving the purchase of any Dell products for any of the employees in my Division.

As for a laptop, the Apple Air is massively inadequate, compromised, and expensive so I guess I’ll take a look at what Sony has. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here


Please follow this link for an update.


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