Dell Support Sucks, But Not So Much, Maybe

I finally got a reply to my email to Dell from last week Friday. That would be the one where I indicated the system descriptions did not match between the defective laptop and the replacement. The response says that the screens do match, even though there is no evidence of that in the description (I did not open the box because I did not want to become responsible for any problems the replacement may have).

I don’t know if that is true, but if so, the other differences are still there and, and this point, they are literally a day late and more than a dollar short as I have already processed a refund request.

That said, if Dell support can screw something up, it appears they will so I am still waiting for the problems to begin regarding the refund.

Like what? Like the part of support that is still processing things as a replacement rather than a refund. I got an automated phone call yesterday morning from Dell reminding me to use the DHL shipping label to return my defective laptop. The problem is the refund request is set up to use UPS. Clearly, one part of Dell doesn’t know that a refund request is in process and not a replacement. The worst case scenarios is I will be charged for both laptops and get no refund even though both will have been shipped back to Dell.

At this point, the odds are better than even that is exactly what will happen. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



Please follow this link for an update.


3 responses to “Dell Support Sucks, But Not So Much, Maybe

  1. YMMV … You misery may vary … 🙂

  2. Hi Dan

    I am so sorry to read what you have experienced. This is neither the kind of service we aspire to, nor what we normally see. However, it is what you experienced and for that my apologies.

    Not as excuses, but to fill you in:
    To be straightforward we did have some “wobble” issues early on but corrections were made to the system, so I am surprised you had this issue with a recently shipped XPS m1330. When you called support the response you should have received immediately was “we will replace your system” as you had just received it. Im sorry this did not happen.

    The problem of receiving a replacement that was different than what you purchased — sounds like the dispatcher for the exchange may have made a mistake- something that either the rep who set up the exchange or the dispatcher should have caught.

    You then asked another rep after receiving the second (wrong) system how he could be sure another replacement would not be configured wrong. One of our people could have offered to have the system sent to their desk to check out as well as send out a configuration to you ahead of time to check it out. We could do that for you.

    At this point, I understand we screwed up. Maybe its too late to win you back as a customer, but I can offer to hand check the return all the way though to you. Just send me an email and Im happy to work with our teams to do deliver to you what you ordered and deserve: a quality system, the xps m1330

  3. Hi Richard:

    Thank you for the comment and explanation. As you may know, I have already returned the two laptops and accessories and am crossing my fingers that nothing else goes wrong.

    You offered to hand check a return all the way through back to me. That is very kind of you. But at this point, if you wanted my business back you would have to offer something more than I ordered, not just what I ordered.

    I expect, when I pay for something, that I will get what I ordered. If it so happens that I get less, then I think companies that excel in customer service (see Nordstrom) would offer to not only to make me whole, but to exceed my expectations, that is they would add something of value to it.

    Yes, after I started the refund process Punit offered a $100 credit. To me, no only was this too little, too late, I was insulted by it. If at
    the beginning, when it became clear I would need to get a replacement, I was offered an upgrade to, for example, the 2.2GHz processor (something that is now the minimum configuration under Dell’s state government configurations, while costing $100 less than I paid, I might add) and/or a little more RAM I would have accepted that and written a post praising Dell’s extraordinary customer care. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

    More importantly to your company, since I am the Administrator of a
    Division here in the Hawaii courts, I have the approval authority for all IT purchases for my division. To treat someone in the manner I was treated, much less the head of a division, does not engender confidence in your company.

    That said, prove to me that Dell can not only deliver an XPS M1330 that does not rock back and forth as I type, with the accessories/software/hardware configuration I ordered, and *_also_* upgrade it with the faster processor and more RAM, then I will be satisfied.

    Otherwise, thanks, but *_no thanks_* because I am just burned out by dealing with a system that doesn’t seem to be able to assure quality and I rather get a Sony, or Lenovo, or Acer (which is what others are suggesting I switch to).

    Thank you for being part of the conversation,

    Aloha – Dan

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