Dell Update: Credit Where Credit Due

Although things got pretty jammed up with the original Dell laptop and the replacement for it, I must give credit to several Dell employees who have been trying to make things right.

Although nothing has been finalized, I may get a XPS M1330 after all. But, there is a long road between where I am now and that, so pardon me for not being optimistic.

In any case, I’ve kind of gone past that and am actively looking elsewhere. If something works out, great. I will then put update links on all my Dell posts pointing to the happy outcome.

If not, I’m not spending a whole lot of time worrying about it.

Still, I wish to thank those dedicated Dell employees who are doing their best to correct the situation and keep my business.



Things are progressing along the Dell front. Two people from Dell should be singled out for the efforts they have put towards making this whole experience, if not a pleasant one, at least one that ends with a well satisfied customer. Those two would be Geoff and Richard (last names redacted to protect them from getting spammed). Both have played a positive part moving things along. Although I am far from actually having anything in my hands, I still must thank them for their efforts.

As I mentioned to Sjon:

The details are still being worked on so who knows if this will actually occur. But if it does, I will be a happy person (assuming the laptop is not defective like the first, that I don’t get charged for the second laptop, that the configuration is otherwise as I ordered, and that all the optional software and hardware that I originally had also comes back). That’s a lot of assuming!

** February 22 UPDATE **

Please follow this link to see how things turned out.


One response to “Dell Update: Credit Where Credit Due

  1. I think an Acer TravelMate 6292 or the Ferrari 1100 would fit your bill though I am not sure about the screen.

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