Dell Customer Support Update

Geoffrey from Dell (and Richard!) was able to get a new XPS M1330 sent my way. It took a few days longer than anticipated but it is worth the wait. This replacement is actually faster and has more RAM than the original (and doesn’t rock back and forth as much as the original).

Although there have been many pot holes in the road between when I received the original M1330 and now, I can say that the Dell gang have bent over backwards to try to make things right.

As to the M1330, I still believe the design decisions made on this laptop make more sense for me than the Apple Macbook Air (MBA). That is not to say the MBA is not an amazing engineering achievement. But the compromises required to meet Apple’s design criteria make their laptop not useful to me.

That said, the rocking back and forth now seems to be a design problem more than a manufacturing/quality control one.

However, in the end, we will continue to buy from Dell. But be aware that if things go wrong, you may need to invest much time and effort to get things sorted. But having done so, Dell appears ready to do more than its part. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.


2 responses to “Dell Customer Support Update

  1. Appreciate the chance to work on this, Dan. Also appreciate your feedback. We are not perfect; we are making changes for the better…and continually listen and learn from customers like you. Thanks again

  2. Consider yourself lucky Dan!

    I have the same warped case problem with my XPS m1330 and Dell tells me that it’s not under the warranty because the laptop works fine and this is just a cosmetic problem….

    Typing on my computer is like eating on an unstable table. It’s really annoying.

    Any trick you can give me to have them change their mind?

    Enjoy your new laptop!

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