Honda Customer Service Excels

Over the last two months, I’ve had the opportunity, if I may use that word, to see how two large corporations treat its customers.

The first, Dell, you already know about.

The second, Honda, I have also mentioned but have had the occasion to update it today.

Although all the options for our new Honda CRV were installed by the dealership or its sub-contractors, one item I decided to install myself.

This would be a leather steering wheel cover. Given that Honda was asking over $200 to install what, to me, seems to be a simple thing to do, I decided to do it myself. So, I went to the corporate Honda site and ordered the cover. As it turns out, corporate Honda just forwards the order to your nearest dealership and they then actually process the order.

In due time, I got the box from Windward Honda and upon opening it, was surprised to find a set of wheel locks. Said locks are used to deter thieves who want to steal your tires and or rims. Being that I already had a set, I have no need for another.

So I emailed Windward Honda telling them of the mix up and within two hours I got a call from Byron in Parts apologizing for the mix-up. Without asking him, he offered to send out the correct part today, refund the $15 shipping cost I paid for the original, and further refunded an additional $20 off the price of the steering wheel cover. To top things off, he said I could keep the wheel locks at no charge.

Now, leaving aside the problems with the order system that does not appear to provide checking prior to shipping, this is how customer service is supposed to work. I didn’t have to demand to be made whole. I didn’t have to work my way up the corporate chain in order to speak to someone. Windward Honda apologized, corrected the problem, and offered something for my trouble.

You better believe that when we need to replace our Toyota Camry next year, we will be getting a Honda Accord, instead. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.



2 responses to “Honda Customer Service Excels

  1. That’s one dealership that knows how to gain clients.

    Oh, nice new layout šŸ™‚

  2. i have no beef with the dealerships but the customer service department at american honda is horrific.

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