They are a changing…

No, you eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, I have changed the look of the site.

It started out by my trying to figure out how to add a separate archive page. But although there is much to appreciate about using (it’s free, they take care of the program updates/administration/back-end) I am limited to which theme templates I can use.

And as far as I could see, none of the templates had a separate archive page or which could be automagically created by dragging a widget to it. You could, perhaps, write your own program that might work, but that sure seems to be more trouble than it was worth.

So, after quickly looking at what themes are available, I chose this one (“Ocean Mist” by Ed Merritt (mahalo Ed), which has a drop down box in the right column for monthly archives). I’m not entirely satisfied with the new theme but it comes close to what I want. This will have to do until such time I can get my own server running.

Speaking of which, the motherboard/CPU that I ordered from Amazon was delayed. When I ordered it at the end of January, Amazon said it would ship in about five weeks. Five weeks came and went and Amazon said it would be another four more weeks. So, I checked NewEgg and they had it in stock. I went back to Amazon and canceled it and then back to NewEgg to order it there. The Intel D201GLY2 is scheduled to be here late next week.

Once I have everything installed and running I will begin setting up my own home server. This should keep me occupied for awhile. 😉



5 responses to “They are a changing…

  1. Yes, it looks like a nice board. But worth waiting for that long?
    If I needed a new server board I would probably shop for the highest perfromance board or just pick the first board available.
    I like my desktop to be small, nice and quiet. The server Will be locked away, out of sight and out of ear

  2. I wasn’t in that much of a hurry but nine weeks would have been too long. That’s why I switched to NewEgg.

    In addition, it’s only for my home use so it’s not like I expect to get 1 million hits a day. Hence, I don’t need the highest performance board/processor out there.

    That said, this combination is, I think, faster and with more memory than the server that uses to presently host my site.

    Lastly, the server will be sitting on top of a shelf above my computer desk so I too need it to be small, quiet, and not requiring special cooling.

  3. Dan,
    Great picture of Diamond Head! We had the pleasure of staying at the leftmost hotel in your picture last fall. Your Islands are truly a magical place for us tourists from the mainland.

  4. Mr. Fitz,

    Living here, sometimes it’s easy to forget what we have and to take things
    for granted.

    Mahalo for reminding me.

    I hope you will return sometime.



  5. Well, I left on holidays (to see my youngest baby married, thank you Lord (and Tania), 30+ years and more than time) when you did this, and I’m just back now. I was going to complain about the terrible readability of the black text on the blue-grey background, but someone said great graphics, so I turned the Firefox graphics on. Turns out it’s different. With graphics on, text is on white, which is good for readability. If you have to turn graphics off because you’re on the far end of a rural dial-up line, the text is directly on the blue-grey background, and the readability is just plain awful – only exceeded in the worse direction by the common black on navy. Just thought you ought to know – it’s a major difference that you may be able to look at in testing.

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