Unto the breach…

Yes, the theme has changed. Again. Reader Don from Down Under reminded me that the CSS should degrade gracefully so that folks who turn off graphics in their browser can still read my ramblings.

Although I could have gone back to the previous theme, I was getting tired of that one and, in any case, it didn’t have the ability to navigate easily to past months/years. Unfortunately, although this theme does, I think, degrade to something that is readable, it does not have the ability to easily go back through the months.

What to do? Well, the bottom line is people have to be able to read what’s here. So, one way or another, the theme I use will be readable. If not easy to navigate…

By the way, congratulations to Don in the recent marriage of his son. Best wishes to all!



One response to “Unto the breach…

  1. It looked good and still does.
    But I think you should pick the best theme for navigation and start from there.

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