Getting NASty

Recently, I’ve been trying to decide whether to put together a PC to act as a home file server or to get a network attached storage device (NAS).

Although it is possible to setup a really cheap PC for the price of an entry-level NAS, I think it’s more trouble to setup and has functions that are not needed, which could act as vectors for evil doers. So, I’m about to order a NAS and a couple of Seagate 250GB drives to be used as a RAID 1 array.

I’ll let you know how things go when the items come in sometime next week. Until then, my criteria for choosing a particular NAS is that it needed to be able to do a RAID 1 array. I don’t think I need nor do I have the money for the kind of redundancy that a higher level RAID array might have. But a RAID one requires two matched drives. Hence, the NAS must be able to hold two drives and have the other software and hardware to run them as an array.

Secondly, I prefer something based on Linux because of the added security. I realize Linux is not the easiest operating system to use, but the Windows vulnerability trade-off is too high for me. In addition, I need to setup specific folders with different users rights. Linux shines here.

Third, I want something that is sturdy. The Seagate FreeAgent 500GB housing that I already have is built, in large part, out of plastic. Although this has not yet cause me any problems (cables coming out have), I would prefer something with a metal structure.

Speaking of the FreeAgent, I will continue to use it as a backup, but once the NAS is installed, it will backup the NAS rather than the individual PCs, as it does now.

So, as things progress, or don’t, I will let you know.



2 responses to “Getting NASty

  1. Dan,
    Have you looked at the DLink NAS enclosure?

    Uses Linux and has hacks available.

  2. I still prefer a plain old PC.
    The advantage is that when something (powersupply, fan …) breaks it’s easy to replace.

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