Dell OptiPlex GX260 RAM Upgrade

Dell OptiPlex GC260Even when I specified them in June of 2003, the Dell OptiPlex GX260s that we use at work were not leading edge. This is because I’ve tried to keep costs down while getting the most for tax payer’s dollars (pats self on back). Hence, I usually buy at the “sweet spot” rather than the bleeding edge. At that time, the sweet spot was a 2.66GHz P-IV, 512MB of DDR266 RAM, and a Maxtor 40GB hard drive.

But although they are kind of getting long in the tooth, as it were what with dual/quad/eight/sixteen/core processors becoming available, our budget is getting eaten up by escalating energy and other unbudgeted costs. Hence, even though the PCs are almost five years old, it may be awhile until we can get new ones. So, I’m doing what I can and adding more RAM (follow this link for instructions on opening the case).

Although you can use the configurators at Kingston or Crucial to find what is presently compatible, since no one makes DDR266 memory anymore, you can just as easily look for DDR PC2700 184-pin DIMM DDR333 non-ECC RAM. Whichever works for you. For me, it didn’t seem to make much of a price difference but I ended up buying two 1GB sticks of Crucial RAM from Amazon, with free shipping. You may be able to get better deals on the continental US because more companies will ship free there than will do so to Hawaii.

In any case, 2GB of RAM is as much as the OptiPlex GX260 will hold so 2GB is what I’m ordering. I hope the additional RAM will speed things up a bit since it sure feels slow when I compare it to my Dell XPS M1330 at home with its dual core CPU and 4GB of RAM.



One response to “Dell OptiPlex GX260 RAM Upgrade

  1. You should test it out on a cople of boxes to see whether the upgrade is cost-effective. Adding just a few percent improvement isn’t worth the effort cause you will still need to replace the boxes next year.

    The big advantage of using low-spec boxes in the office is that there is less chance of them getting stolen.
    And if the box is to slow for games but fast enough for office tasks that is an added bonus.

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