Xandros 4.1 and Firefox 3 Don’t Play Well Together

For those of you running Xandros Linux Desktop Professional 4.1, you may want to pause and reflect before installing the new Firefox 3 browser.

I downloaded the new Firefox this afternoon and began the install. However, the install ran until it halted with an error saying GTK+ 2.1 was required but only an earlier version was installed. After searching the Xandros support forums, it appears you have to install and compile the source code for GTK+ 2.1 because Xandros does not have an update for it. But, now wait for it, you first have to overcome dependencies by installing and compiling several other files. But, now wait for it, well, you know the drill. You are in dependency hell with no way out. Even if you get GTK+ 2.1 installed, you run the chance of breaking other applications. If that occurs, you are pretty much on your own, up that certain creek without a paddle.

What’s even worse is that the install program killed my existing version of firefox ( I don’t know what the install did but my old version refused to run and I couldn’t find a download to re-install for this version. What I ended up doing was I uninstalled the Xandros Firefox (, an old version I had long ago abandoned by downloading newer versions directly from Firefox, and then re-installing that from Xandros Networks. Once that was done, both and started working again.

I don’t know why that worked, but it did. For me, anyway. YMMV. Insert disclaimer here.

In any case, unless someone creates a binary for Xandros, backports GTK+ 2.1, or another solution is found, you should probably avoid Firefox 3 on Xandros Desktop Professional 4.1.



2 responses to “Xandros 4.1 and Firefox 3 Don’t Play Well Together

  1. Same dependency hell exists with a lot of earlier OSes, including my beloved MEPIS 6.5. But I’m perfectly happy with with FF and have no qualms about sticking with it for a while. It might be possible to install FF 3.0 under Wine 1.0 — haven’t tried it, but should work. It’s a shame Mozilla decided to “fork” Firefox this way.

  2. 6 years late I know, but I got Firefox 17 working on Xandros 4.5

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