Whither Wie?

Wie sport poll.

Wie sport poll.

Michelle Wie has been having a tough time of it lately. From what I understand, she will need to go through qualifying school to be able to play golf on the Ladies Professional Golf tour next year. It seems whichever decisions she and her father make, they turn out to be wrong. Why that is can be debated but the results of the decisions cannot.

That said, she made more money through endorsements than you or I will make in a lifetime so I don’t think she needs any sympathy from anyone. Still, as the poll seems to indicate, the majority of people don’t think she will ever regain the excellence she displayed before turning pro. On the other hand, the majority of people are hoping they are wrong. So am I.

Good luck to Michele.



One response to “Whither Wie?

  1. Golfers (and other sporters) take some time to settle into consistant play. They perfom well one season and then stray all over the place the next.
    If she has the tallent and works well on it she’ll be back.

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