Kodachrome to Fade Away?

I have to admit, I haven’t used film to take pictures since we got our first digital camera years ago. My old Nikon F2 sits unused in the closet, waiting for the day that its diaphragm will once again see the light of day.

But to see that Kodak may be bringing the Kodachrome slide film era to a close brings a certain amount of nostalgia. Excuse me while I ramble for a few minutes.

Although I’ve always preferred Ektachrome for slides, because I felt it gave a truer sense of color rather than the hyper red sensitive Kodachrome, that doesn’t mean I didn’t use Kodachrome 25 when I wanted the smoothest, sharpest slide images I could get. There was nothing like Kodachrome for taking closeup portraits (as long as there wasn’t too much red in the image!).

That said, black and white was my first love. I mostly used Ilford films and papers (now, apparently spun off as a separate company) in high school and college. I especially appreciated the wide tonal range from deepest black to glowing white.

In addition, you could easily process the film yourself and then print the negatives. This kept costs down and allowed you to experiment with different print making techniques. If something didn’t work out, so what. Just start over and try something else. Until the age of digital cameras and color printers, processing color at home was possible (using the Ilfochrome Cibachrome process), but very expensive.

Oh well, things change and I guess this is just one more.



One response to “Kodachrome to Fade Away?

  1. Ditto on the Ektachrome slide film. Much easier film to shoot – especially the ASA – ooops – ISO 200 speed Ekta. Loved that film and E-6 process. Like you I’m sorry to see it all go.

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