Ubuntu 8.04 LTS to 8.10 Problem

Usually, when a major update to an operating system occurs, I backup my data, reformat the partition, and install the operating system on a clean disk. Yesterday, I lost my mind and did an in place update of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS to version 8.1

Although this may not meet the true definition of a major update, this resulted in at least one problem. The login screen is now set for 640X480. I don’t know how to change that so I’ve left it as is. Indeed, the desktop was also reset to 640X480, but I was able to change that via System/Preferences/Screen Resolution. While there, I decided to check if the dual headed ATI 7000/VE video card in my Dell OptiPlex GX260 is now supported. It is, somewhat. I can now enable the second Dell E171FP monitor that I’ve been using under Windows and create a desktop that spans the two monitors (each of which is set at 1280 width, for a total of 2,560 pixels wide. Yowsah!).

Still not working are desktop effects. Sigh. I guess some of the ATI video card is supported but not all of it. Oh well, baby steps.

Otherwise, everything else that I’ve tried seems to be working so maybe I didn’t entirely loose my mind 🙂



2 responses to “Ubuntu 8.04 LTS to 8.10 Problem

  1. I never do the backup-format routine.
    I do a backup as a matter of routine -a disk never breaks when you expect it- so if an install fails I can restore. The format isn’t a nessesary step either. Just instal and see. It it works well things are good. If it fails you got to do a format anyway.

  2. I think the backup-format routine is a long process and as such I prefer the normal backup-upgrade method. I currently us the 8.04 version on our server and looking to upgrade soon to the latest 10.4

    Will give it a go and see how it fairs.

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