Twitter Topples Due to Over Capacity?

I’ve been using Twitter for only a few days and have already found that things are not all light and joy in Twitterland.

Before I say more, I should note we are evaluating Twitter as one of many ways of getting employee notifications out during an emergency. The idea came from an article in Government Technology.

This morning, however, I got the display below saying that “Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.” The problem is the longer I waited the slower the system became until as of earlier this morning (HST), it simply doesn’t respond, at all.

Although Twitter wouldn’t be the only way we would be getting our messages out, this lack of capacity is a concern and something we will need to monitor.


Twitter over capacity error page.

Twitter over capacity error page.

Afternoon Update from Twitter

Site outage 4 hours ago

We’re experiencing a site outage and are working to recover.

Update (1:32p): And we’re back – this was a DNS configuration error that impacted the entire site.

We apologize for the unscheduled downtime. We’ve not had an outage of this length since mid-July and will be carefully reviewing what went wrong.

One response to “Twitter Topples Due to Over Capacity?

  1. I am not entirely convinced that a service like Twitter is the way to go. I am not sure what the notifications are about so I may be wrong here, I suppose they are short textual messages to call people to work.

    Twitter is no better than email for sending out short notices. For both you need to have the sender being on line and the receiver has to actually get online to get the notices. And Twitter or the similar service needs to be up and running.
    I think SMS is a more appropriate notification system. Yes, the phone system needs to be up and running but you need that for Twitter to. And it’s easier to have everybody carying a mobile phone than to expect everybody to tote a computer around.

    (of course using both SMS and a Tritter like thing is best. )

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