A Matter of Style

Honolulu Advertiser columnist/blogger/opinion-maker David Shapiro Twittered recently about a change in the AP Stylebook.

We don’t use the AP Stylebook as our main resource (we use The Chicago Manual of Style, The Red Book, The Bluebook, and Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style) but we have a copy for use when providing comments for our Public Affairs Office.

The AP book is interesting to me because it covers so many different parts of life. Whether how to spell barbecue, or that there are Baptist churches, but no Baptist church unless you are referring to a local church, and it’s Kriss Kringle, not Kris, the book covers all kinds of words and phrases.

On the other hand, I’m not sure I understand or agree with all of its choices. For example, using the word “none” with singular verbs and pronouns: None of the seats was in its right place. Perhaps this is grammatically correct, but it sure doesn’t sound right to my old ears.

In any case, if you are writing about the Americas Cup or America’s Cup (golf and yachting, respectively), the AP Stylebook can help clear away the confusion.

By the way, for those living in Hawaii, you might want to also take a look at columnist Catherine E. Toth.



One response to “A Matter of Style

  1. some people -I have a coleague like that- don’t use a style-guide to guide them but see it like a style-bible.

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